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Paul Wright Fan of the Month


For those of you who don't is a little bit about me! :)

Ron Wright, more affectionately known as paparon to the Wright Crew, is the proud father of son Paul.  He is fond of the many "fun" times he had with his son early in life, especially making Paul shoot left-handed layups one after another for hours at a time (He might be stretching the truth a little bit here), which, of course, Paul hated. A significantly proud moment for "dad" is remembering how Paul and a few friends organized this huge event at North Eugene H.S. when Paul was a junior. The event was attended by 300 young people in Eugene, and groups played and sang about the salvation of the Lord and the grace of God in their lives. It was truly the 1st big outreach event Paul ever did. I helped by cooking hamburgers for the evening before the "shows".  I'll never forget the pride and especially the thankfulness I felt that evening to our God. And it was Paul who encouraged me once again to return to the Body of Christ after I had left it because of being hurt by a pastor I dearly loved.  How did Paul encourage me?  Simply by living and walking in obedience to the Lord.  I saw what God had done in Paul's life and how the Lord had brought significant changes in Paul's character, especially taking away Paul's anger.
Some of Paul's talents are genetic, I believe, especially his ability to rhyme.  Paparon has been published in a 'few' poetic manuscripts and anthologies; however, Paul's ability to sing and rhyme definitely outclasses the "old man". :)
What else can I say about my son?  Nothing other than I love him as a father loves a son. And I know he loves me, like a son loves his father.


Paparon's Son in Georgia :)

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